InnoDB is a storage engine for MySQL relational databases, which is used by popular script-based software apps such as Magento and Joomla v3. It’s perfect for scalable applications, because it works really well when processing huge volumes of data. Rather than locking the entire database table to enter new information into a database as many other engines do, InnoDB locks only one database row, so it can complete a lot more operations for the same length of time. What’s more, InnoDB offers a much faster database crash recovery and supports database transactions and foreign key constraints – rules that determine how data imports and modifications should be handled. In case a given operation has not been entirely completed for any reason, the action will be rolled back. Thus, the database content will be kept intact and won’t be partially mixed with newly imported content.
InnoDB in Shared Hosting
InnoDB is available with all our shared plans by default, not upon request or as a paid upgrade, so you’ll be able to activate and manage any script-powered application which needs the database engine without having to deal with any problem once you open your account. InnoDB will be pre-selected as the default engine for a particular MySQL database during the app installation process, irrespective of whether you make use of our 1-click installer or create the MySQL database and install the application manually, as long as the app requires it instead of the more popular MyISAM engine. We’ll make regular backups of all your databases, so you can rest assured that you will never lose any content in case you delete a database unintentionally or you overwrite some essential information – you will simply have to alert us and we will restore your database back to normal.